NOTICE: The 3-Trails Village Community Improvement District terminated July 7, 2015.
See www.3trailscorridor.com for continuing activities.

Santa Fa Trail Wagon Train circa: 1855

Our name is taken from the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California National Historic Trails which cross the District on a common alignment called the 3-Trails Corridor. The “Corridor” is a part of the Metro Green Regional Trails system extending from “Wayne City Landing” on the Missouri River in Sugar Creek, Missouri where the river boats off loaded onto wagons and pack animals southwesterly to “Gardner Junction” in Gardner, Kansas where the trails separated – Santa Fe to the southwest and Oregon/California to the northwest.  The 46 mile Corridor connects numerous historical trails sites. Schumacher Park, situated in the heart of the District, is planted in native prairie grasses and features interpretive exhibits prepared by the National Park Service focusing on the economic and social diversity of the Santa Fe Trail.  Schumacher Park is one of twenty historic trails sites along the Corridor that are open to the public.

About the CID

Community Improvement Districts (“CID’s”) in Missouri can provide defined geographic areas with an innovative way to fund and enhance services and capital improvements while simultaneously spurring sustainable economic development and revitalization. The establishment of a CID allows the owners of real property within its boundaries to collectively organize and coordinate efforts to beautify and improve their District in an effective and reliable manner.

In 1998, multiple property owners and the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce joined forces with the 6th District City Councilmen, Dr. Charles A. Eddy and Alvin L. Brooks, and the KCMO Economic Development Corporation, to initiate and charter what is now the “3-Trails Village Community Improvement District.” The District became official in July, 2002, and was the first CID in the City of Kansas City, Missouri and the first CID in Missouri to employ sales tax funding. The District was renewed for an additional ten years in June, 2005 and expanded to include 340 acres representing 29 property owners. CID initiatives and programs are focused on stimulation of sustainable economic development, infrastructure planning and construction,  beautification and the promotion of the District’s historical trails legacy.

The CID is funded through various methods, including a special property tax assessment on the properties within the District and a special sales tax on retail sales within the District. 3-Trails Village CID is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri. It is controlled by a board of directors selected by the property owners and approved by the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri. The Board directs initiatives and programs designed to meet the goals of the District and ensure the District’s long-term economic viability.  The CID terminated in July, 2015 after Cerner acquired most of the  District for it’s new Trails Office Campus. The remaining CID funds were granted to 3-Trails West, Inc., a Missouri not-for-profit corporation to be used for the same purposes as the CID.